Manufacturer Spotlight: 4Front Entrematic

Posted On: July 7, 2014 in Commercial Doors

McKinley Equipment Corporation is committed to providing the best equipment and services for commercial, industrial, and retail facilities, including loading dock equipment, commercial doors, HVLS fans, safety equipment, and more. To fulfill this mission we partner with the highest quality manufacturers of equipment and commercial doors to ensure that you have access to highly functional, highly reliable assets to help you get the job done, day in and day out. One of those manufacturers is 4Front Entrematic, makers of the Kelley brand of loading dock equipment.

Quality From the Start

4Front Entrematic started out as The Kelley Company in 1953 by designing and producing loading dock equipment. Over the last 60 years, the Kelley brand has continued to invent and refine loading dock equipment designs, creating products which make loading dock procedures more efficient and safer for everyone involved, protecting workers and warehouse assets alike. Over time 4Front Entrematic expanded its focus past loading dock equipment to products, which improve the functioning of entire facilities, from “high volume, low speed” fans which improve air circulation and comfort levels in industrial spaces to standard and specialty dock doors which both reduce energy costs and the need for maintenance.

4Front Entrematic stays at the head of the industry by an unswerving commitment to producing quality products, paired with a clear focus on meeting the needs of customers through innovative design and attention to detail. 4Front Entrematic products make many warehouse and loading dock procedures faster, safer, and more energy efficient, saving costs for customers across the board.

Pursuing Excellence

To maintain its high level of engineering and production quality, 4Front Entrematic combines cutting edge technology with proven engineering experience. 4Front has a dedicated team of engineers who design and test all products rigorously to make sure that they meet quality standards and serve customer needs to perfection. Tools such as Ansys Finite Element Analysis Software and Autodesk Inventor are invaluable in the process of development and testing.

Once product designs pass through to manufacturing, they continue to use the best technology available to ensure every product is made to exacting standards. Robotic welding and plasma cutting tables are just two of the advanced technologies which make 4Front’s manufacturing facilities the best in the world. ISO certifications on each of 4Front Entrematic’s manufacturing facilities demonstrate the level of quality control and care which go into 4Front’s products.

Finally, 4Front doesn’t stop at creating and selling great products. 4Front works with customers to educate them on the best design considerations and facility equipment to give them safe and efficient loading dock and warehouse operations. The right knowledge increases safety and efficiency while lowering costs, and 4Front Entrematic partners with customers to make sure they have the knowledge needed to make important facility equipment decisions.