Recent Advancements in HVLS Fans: The Wave HVLS Fan

Posted On: April 29, 2015 in Industrial Fans

As companies become more aware of the social, economic and environmental benefits of energy conservation, innovative manufacturers continue to respond by bringing advanced products to market, helping them achieve their conservation goals.

One area of innovation in the material handling and warehousing industry is the adoption of HVLS fans to reduce heating and cooling costs, improve worker comfort, protect product integrity and reduce product spoilage. HVLS, or High Volume Low Speed fans, are large, ceiling-mounted fans designed to promote air circulation within a facility. The fans, measuring up to 24’ in diameter, push large columns of air towards the floor, where the air radiates outwards towards the facility perimeter before being drawn up to ceiling level.

How the HVLS Helps

03 wave-hvls 2This air flow pattern helps improve temperature uniformity throughout a facility and creates a gentle breeze to increase worker comfort in warmer months. The circulating airflow also promotes evaporation, helping to minimize condensation-related moisture issues such as damp floors and walls. In colder climates, the fans promote destratification of facility air; ideally operated in reverse so as to not create a wind chill effect, they move hot air from the ceiling level down to floor level, reducing heating costs.

While the concept is easy to understand—fans move air—a lot of advanced engineering is involved in optimizing the fan design. Air foil design, bearings, mounts and control systems all play a role in fan performance and efficiency. HVLS fans deliver cost savings proportional to the fan’s efficiency. The more efficient the fan, the greater the savings. This is where the Kelley HVLS fans excel.

The Kelley WAVE fan employs a five-blade design, which is designed to maximize air flow while minimizing energy consumption. The advanced air foil blade design incorporates a unique winglet at the tip of each blade, which helps shed entrained air, reduce wind resistance and eliminate unwanted turbulence from the air stream. The fan incorporates a patented hub-and-strut air foil mounting system designed to allow optimum blade angle adjustment to further improve efficiency. The fan is driven by a variable frequency drive control system. The VFD provides efficient operation across a range of user selected fan speeds, allowing you to tailor RPM and fan direction to your specific needs. Input to the VDF is through a user-friendly touch screen interface, while optional password protection prevents tampering with the fan operation.

Kelley has amassed a large number of satisfied fan users. At McKinley, we enjoy helping our customer understand how they can benefit from HVLS fans. Contact us today to learn more about Kelley HVLS fans options and to get assistance in choosing the right fan for your facility.