Entrematic's New Durable Dock Seals

Entrematic’s New Durable Dock Seals

Posted On: December 15, 2016 in Loading Dock

Kelley ArmorGuard High Abrasion dock seals are up to ten times more durable

Properly maintained Dock seals provide an effective joint between a docked trailer and the dock opening. The seals keep inclement weather out, improve occupant comfort and reduce heating and cooling costs.

However, dock seals are easily damaged in high traffic dock environments. Traditional dock head pad and head curtain seals require frequent maintenance and replacement. The adoption of air-ride trailers, which create additional up/down rubbing between the seal and the trailer during loading and unloading, further exacerbates seal wear.

The short life and maintenance burden associated with traditional dock seals can offset a significant portion of the potential energy and cost savings. In response to this problem, Entrematic has developed SHARC™ (Super High Abrasion Resistant Compound) fabric for use in their dock seals.

The culmination of an extensive R&D effort, SHARC™ fabric demonstrates superior durability under controlled test conditions. Independent laboratory testing has shown the fabric to withstand more than 40,000 abrasion cycles, far surpassing performance of other dock seal fabrics which failed after 4,000 abrasion cycles.

This remarkable wear resistance performance is not confined to the lab environment. Field trials with the new dock seals demonstrated a significant increase in dock seal life. Early adoption of SHARC™ dock seals by Gordon Food Service and Walmart Distribution are a testament to the benefits of this new fabric.

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