Vertical Dock Bridge – LoadHog

Vertical dock bridges span the gap between the warehouse dock and the trailer like a dock leveler.

The LoadHog vertical dock bridge provides the right balance between cost and functionality for many light-duty warehouse applications. The vertical dock bridge bolts directly to the existing warehouse floor. Unlike other leveler systems, with the shorter operating range of the LoadHog it doesn’t require a mounting pit or other concrete modifications.

The vertical dock bridge stores in an upright position inside the facility. The vertical resting position provides two main benefits. Since the bridge resides inside the building envelope, the design allows the dock door to fully seal the door opening preventing debris and pest infiltration commonly associated with pit-mounted levelers. A second benefit of the LoadHog leveler design is it provides a rigid barrier protecting the overhead door from interior damage commonly caused by forklift or pallet impact.

The ergonomic design of the dock bridge, including a spring-based counterbalance mechanism, reduces the effort required to deploy the dock bridge. Because of the easy-to-deploy design, manual activation is the only option with this leveler.

The simple mechanical design, with no powered components, is designed to provide years of trouble free service. The low operating costs, low installation costs and minimal maintenance costs contribute to an efficient solution for light-duty dock applications. The vertical dock bridge is designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other dock leveling options.

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