Bug Screen Doors

There are many benefits to keeping facility windows and doors open. The natural light and fresh air passing through these openings creates a more comfortable and productive work environment. Unfortunately, unsecured openings can provide a point of entry for birds, bugs and airborne debris, creating potential health hazards as well as unwanted maintenance issues. McKinley offers a variety of bug screens designed to provide the benefits of the natural environment while eliminating unwanted hazards.

Found in various buildings such as warehouses, distribution centers, and food manufacturing facilities, airflow screens are an affordable, effective solution for letting fresh air in while keeping pests out. Metal fly screens are the most common method of securing openings. The sizing of the screen mesh openings help to prevent pest entry while still allowing passage of air and light. Specialty screen solutions are available for a variety of specific applications.

Certain industries, including food processing and packaging, require careful control of the inside environment. By contributing to a bug-free environment, fly screens aid in conforming to FDA and HACCP regulations.

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