Big Fans – HVLS Fans

HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans are an effective means of improving worker comfort while reducing or eliminating HVAC costs. Today’s technologically advanced and engineered HVLS fans, also known as Industrial Ceiling Fans or Warehouse Fans, promote beneficial air circulation within an enclosure. The slow speed airflow created by the big fans provides tangible benefits in all seasons and climates.

Warm air rises. During the winter heating season, the fans are operated in reverse to gently force warm air down from the ceiling to floor level without the effects of wind chill, thus improving temperature uniformity within the building and reducing heating costs.

In warm months, the fans create a gentle breeze (2-3 mph). The breeze creates a 7-11 degree decrease (Fahrenheit) in perceived temperature, improving occupant comfort and reducing the burden on AC systems in climate controlled environments.

In addition to improving occupant comfort, the air currents created by the industrial ceiling fans promote evaporation, minimizing condensation and moisture build-up on floors, humidity sensitive products, packaging and other surfaces. This in-turn can reduce moisture related slip hazards in humid environments and contribute to maintaining fresh and dry product in food handling environments.

The fans have earned the nickname ‘big fans’ and ‘big ass fans’ due to their large size. Models are available with blade diameters from 8 to 24 feet. Despite the large size, the units install quickly and provide reliable, low cost operation. Typical operating costs for the largest fan sizes are less than $3 per day, based on 24hr continuous operation.

HVLS Fans Save Energy and Money

The energy saving and environmental benefits of industrial fans are widely recognized. LEED certification credits are available to architects and builders who incorporate industrial fans into their building designs.

Cutting Edge Design Features from McKinley Equipment

McKinley offers a range of HVLS fan solutions from Kelley, an Entrematic brand. Kelley commercial ceiling fans incorporate a number of energy saving design features, including a patent-pending airfoil design and a unique, lift-promoting wing tip design. The two design elements work together to maximize fan performance while minimizing power consumption, contributing to low operational costs. Industrywide, the Kelley HVLS fan is known for moving more air for less money.