Air Powered Dock Leveler

Kelley was the first company to incorporate air bag lifting technology into warehouse dock leveling equipment. Since installation of the first air powered dock leveler in 1995, air powered levelers have become a popular choice because of their simple operating principle, robust design and excellent reliability. These features contribute to lower operating costs, increased productivity and improved safety.

Air powered dock levelers allow simple push-button control over the dock leveler, reducing strain on loading dock workers. A PVC-coated reinforced polyester lifting bag provides reliable leveler positioning. An integrated single speed fan and motor assembly supplies air to the system. The high volume, low pressure air activation system allows fast leveler deployment using low pressure air (4 psi). The single phase, 120V fan eliminates hoses, clamps and hydraulic fluids required with traditional hydraulic dock levelers.

All Kelley air powered dock levelers incorporate Kelley’s unique gravity lip mechanism. The lip mechanism takes advantage of the dock weight and gravity to automatically extend the leveler lip during docking. This simple mechanism eliminates the operator intervention required with manual levelers and replaces powered lip extension systems commonly found on hydraulic levelers.

Kelley’s air powered levelers are available with the ENERGY GUARD® dock leveler perimeter sealing system option. This insulation option provides a strong seal along the sides and rear of the dock, minimizing energy loss through the leveler and pit while preventing dirt, debris and pest infiltration.

The air powered dock leveler family incorporates a novel feature to prevent stump-out issues that plague manual levelers. A unique guide-roller and cam system positions the support leg to prevent stump-out while maintaining a degree of free fall protection in the event of premature trailer separation.

Air powered dock levelers are available in several different configurations designed to suit your specific needs. Contact us to learn more about air powered dock levelers for your warehouse.

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