Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

Vertical storing dock levelers are an ideal loading dock solution for industries where maintaining a clean, energy efficient warehouse environment is a top priority. They are hydraulic powered dock levelers. A common use is in cold storage applications.

As the name implies, vertical storing dock levelers rest in an upright position, inside the warehouse. This configuration offers several advantages over traditional dock levelers. Because the leveler stores in an upright position inside the facility, insulated warehouse doors are able to fully seal the dock door opening and leveler pit. This full door coverage minimizes air leakage and maximizes insulating capabilities compared to conventional pit style dock levelers. When the leveler is in use, a hinged bottom draft pad helps prevent air infiltration, further contributing to the energy savings of this leveler.

The Kelley vertical storing dock leveler is designed to facilitate cleaning, an obvious benefit for companies in the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries. The leveler design allows easy access for cleaning, and all hinge points are raised a minimum of 2” above the floor to eliminate common dirt collection locations.

The vertical storing dock leveler is built with the same high quality and attention to detail as all the other Kelley Entrematic leveler products. Five factory welded hinges, structural channel beams and high tensile steel tread plate ensure the leveler can endure the most demanding material handling applications.

A dual acting hydraulic cylinder provides full control over dock position during both extension and retraction phases, eliminating the wear-and-tear caused by gravity-fall common with other powered dock levelers. The leveler lip is controlled via an independent hydraulic cylinder, allowing improved control over leveler deployment compared to manual lip positioning systems.

Vertical storing dock levelers are available in several different configurations designed to suit your specific needs.

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