Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Levelers are loading dock workhorses, handling high traffic volumes and heavy loads with ease. When it comes to hydraulic dock levelers, Kelley Entrematic leads the industry with their rugged engineered designs, innovative features and proven reliability.

All Kelley hydraulic dock levelers incorporate their patented lambda-shaped roll formed, robotic welded beams. These beams are designed to spread dock loads and improve dock stiffness which improves the longevity and operational ability of the dock leveler. These pit mounted levelers are supported by Kelley’s SafeTFrame foundation which provides complete support and eliminates the low-quality shimming and welding activities required when installing traditional levelers. The lug style lip hinge provides long hinge life with less maintenance. The open frame design allows easy pit access, facilitating cleaning and maintenance tasks under the dock leveler. The hydraulic circuit features an integrated pump and motor assembly, simplifying the hydraulic circuit to improve reliability.

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