Air Curtain

Air curtains can create a barrier of moving air across almost any window or door opening. Air barriers deliver significant energy savings by keeping outside air out and inside air in. Air curtains promote good industrial hygiene in food handling and processing facilities by preventing the passage of dust, dirt, flying insects and airborne pollutants across the air barrier. They are also used extensively to meet health inspection requirements at restaurants and other food service retail locations.

Today’s air curtain systems incorporate a number features designed to reduce noise and fan energy consumption while improving curtain performance. This has led to widespread adoption of air curtains across a range of industries where energy efficiency, occupant comfort and facility cleanliness are key concerns.

McKinley is an authorized Mars Air Curtain dealer. Mars air curtain doors embody over 50 years of air curtain design and manufacturing experience. Their advanced line of air curtains includes specialty offerings for retail, restaurant, cold storage, hospital/institution and warehouse industries.

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