Traffic & Impact Doors

Traffic doors, also called impact doors or bump doors, allow unrestricted employee and equipment passage through a doorway. In contrast to powered door solutions, impact doors easily push-open without the need to activate a handle, providing hands-free door operation. Simple, gravity-biased hinges gently return the door to the closed position. The dual acting hinges allow the door to push-open from both inside and outside the passageway.

Impact traffic doors are common in a variety of settings including restaurants, supermarkets, pharmaceutical buildings and food processing plants. Impact doors allow you to meet your environmental isolation objectives without hindering traffic flow through a passage and are especially well suited to high traffic locations.

In restaurant applications, the bump-open door allows staff to enter and exit the kitchen with dishes in their hands while keeping the busy kitchen out-of-sight to restaurant patrons.

In warehouse, freezer and cold storage industries, high impact doors can withstand repeated impact from common material handling equipment including pallet stackers and fork trucks.

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