Flexible Fabric Doors by DYNACO Offer Business Benefits

Flexible Fabric Doors by DYNACO Offer Business Benefits

Posted On: January 4, 2016 in Commercial Doors

DYNACO invented the fully flexible, soft bottom door in 1987 and has continued to introduce industry-leading innovations designed to boost work-place productivity and safety ever since.

The features and designs available from DYNACO’s range of industrial roll up doors all contribute to an effective, efficient workplace, no matter what style you choose. Many of these advances can be attributed to DYNACO’s fully flexible soft doors that operate without any of the tension or stiffening mechanisms found in traditional industrial doors that can threaten worker safety, increase door maintenance cost, and even halt work.

In the right situations, DYNACO flexible doors can improve:

  • Productivity
  • Safety
  • Energy Efficiency


In business, productivity is money. Slowing the pace of work because of slow moving or difficult to operate doors or doors that continuously need manual maintenance can add up to shocking amounts of lost productivity and time at the end of the year. DYNACO roll up doors include many industry-leading features specifically designed to help your company keep working, no matter what.

The Tubular Drive that powers DYNACO’s flexible doors can move at the speed of 120 inches per second, ensuring they get out of the way fast and seal tight quickly. The small, self-contained drive coupled with the completely soft fabric makeup of the door means there are fewer parts to maintain or replace, keeping cost and downtime to a minimum. If you’re ready to work, so is your DYNACO door.

Strong winds can make some exterior doors unstable and dangerous to open, but DYNACO’s fabric doors work smoothly and safely in winds up to 180 mph. The ability for a door to work in high wind situations means you won’t be sidelined by mother nature.

A door falling off track generally means someone needs to take the time to realign it, leaving you with wasted time and a door that isn’t working. DYNACO’s side guide technology allows the door to automatically reinsert itself properly into the track within one cycle without manual intervention or a service call.

A range of motion sensing activation options allows companies to control exactly when and how their doors are triggered, from simple motion sensing to requiring a close-range hand wave over an activation pad.


Employee safety is always top of mind, especially in warehouse settings, stockrooms, and docks. The soft flexibility of DYNACO’s doors is designed to specifically protect against the three most common workplace door-related accidents.

  • Lateral impact: A person walks into the door or doesn’t duck enough to clear the door when going through a partially opened doorway.
  • Secondary impact: The door moves in an unexpected way and hits someone (such as a swinging door hitting someone from behind).
  • Download impact: The door closes down on top of someone — particularly hazardous because this impact hits the head and neck.

The lack of a bottom bar, raised casing, or latch as designed into a DYNACAO door takes away the tripping hazard associated with many other doorways and rolling doors.

Companies will never be able to prevent all door-employee collisions, but with flexible and forgiving fabric roll up doors, the incident is less likely to cause significant harm or serious injury.

Energy Efficiency

Utilities make up a major portion of operating costs, especially if companies aren’t being careful about energy efficiency. DYNACO’s fast-moving doors minimize open exposure, but several other features can help companies control heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

A door with a leaky seal saps heating and cooling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It doesn’t matter if the door is completely closed, the bad seal still results in exposure. DYNACO doors combine patented bead side guide technology and airtight headers resulting in a virtually airtight seal that is strong enough to be used in clean room situation.

A variety of window options allow companies to take advantage of the natural sunlight or let light from other rooms through unimpeded. To take full advantage of the sunlight shining on an exterior door, DYNACO offers high speed, durable fabric doors made of revolutionary Dyna-Lumin transmissive fabric that virtually glows in the sun.

Ventilation options, which can be paired with a bug screen, let both sunlight and fresh air in while insulated and heated curtains help with proper and consistent temperature control.

Business Minded

Square footage is precious, so DYNACO created doors with smaller footprints by mounting all motors and mechanisms above the door.

DYNACO doors are clearly designed with businesses in mind. From increased productivity, to employee safety, to energy efficiency, DYCNAO understands the everyday needs of companies and works hard to create products that meet those needs.

While doors may be the last thing on your mind when creating or evaluating your work space, choosing the wrong option can have long lasting financial and productivity impacts. They’re one of the most commonly used features of your work space, so take the time to evaluate your needs and choose the right option.