Choosing the Right Industrial Fan

Posted On: November 22, 2013 in Industrial Fans
Industrial Fans

Many industrial and commercial spaces require industrial fans, and in many cases a high volume-low speed (HVLS) fan is one of the best options. Whether you need to install a fan in a warehouse or a large retail store, these fans balance air flow needs and minimize air conditioner power consumption while keeping your space comfortable year-round. Here’s a checklist to help you determine the right fan for your needs.

Fan Size
One consideration for choosing an industrial ceiling fan is the size of room you need to circulate air through. Some HVLS fans can be as large as 24 feet in diameter, which may be ideal for a large warehouse but not even fit inside a food storage area or some retail spaces. Also, fans need to be chosen for optimal airflow. Instead of a single large fan, two or more smaller fans may cover some spaces more efficiently. Analyzing your space with a professional to determine the best size and number of fans can help you in this decision.

Noise Considerations
One of the benefits of large industrial or commercial ceiling fans is the relative lack of noise. Small fans need to run at high speeds in order to maximize airflow. This almost always makes for a noisy fan. By contrast, a high volume-low speed fan doesn’t depend on high velocity in order to move air. This means the fan operation is much quieter. A low-speed fan that makes minimal noise is a great choice for retail spaces or anywhere that excessive noise is an issue.

Solar-Powered Fans
Solar-powered HVLS fans take advantage of the sun’s power to cool your warehouse or other large space. These fans offer the incentive of working hardest exactly when you need them to, during daytime business hours and on the sunniest, warmest days. Making use of solar energy also reduces your energy bills while benefiting the environment. These fans can be connected to batteries or direct electrical connection if they need to work around the clock or to boost power when it’s cloudy or during shorter winter days.

No matter what kind of industrial or commercial space you need to ventilate, there is an HVLS fan suited to your needs. Contact McKinley Equipment today to discuss how we can help you make the best choices in ventilation of your space.

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