Could You Benefit From a Scissor Lift at Your Facility?

Posted On: April 8, 2015 in Industrial Lifts

Scissor lifts are material handling solutions designed for lifting loads in industrial environments. The lifts are available in a variety of configurations including stationary and mobile, with fixed, adjustable or rotating load platforms. The range of configurations gives wide-ranging versatility to scissor lifts.

Wheeled scissor lifts allow easy lifting and transporting of materials between workstations. Fixed scissor lifts are well suited for transporting materials between levels in a facility. Lifts with adjustable or rotating load platforms help improve the ergonomics of a wide range of material handling tasks.

With the help of scissor lifts, you can:

Improve Productivity

In palletizing and loading tasks, positioning the work surface at the optimum height for the specific task can reduce cycle times and improve the efficiency of the loading operation. Multiply the reduction in cycle time over many cycles, and across multiple workstations, and you get a strong economic case for scissor lifts.

Reduce Work Place Injuries

Back injuries caused by heavy lifting are a major cause of lost time incidents. A scissor lift provides a convenient method of lifting materials to the desired height. For example, an operator unloading heavy items from a pallet to a workstation performs repetitive, heavy lifting of the materials from the pallet to the table. In this instance, a lift table can position the pallet at table height, reducing the burden on the worker. This eliminates the strain from combined vertical and horizontal plane lifting. When properly implemented, scissor lifts can reduce the risk of acute injuries associated with heavy lifting.

Enhance Process Ergonomics

Scissor lifts function as an easily adjustable table, allowing each worker to position the work surface at the ideal height for them. Not only can a scissor lift improve the speed of performing repetitive stacking/loading tasks, it can also make the process more ergonomic. By reducing the need for bending and twisting to accommodate the table height, a scissor lift improves process ergonomics and can reduce the risk of repetitive strain type injuries.

Scissor lifts, also called lift tables, are the preferred ergonomic solution for material work positioning and vertical lifting. They improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for workplace injuries. Used as a pallet positioner, for lifting and positioning work, or transporting loads, a scissor lift can make the job faster and safer while increasing productivity. Contact your McKinley representative to learn more about how you can benefit from scissor lifts.