Minimize Warehouse Hazards With the Right Equipment

Posted On: June 10, 2015 in Workplace Safety

OSHA reports that the rate of fatal injuries among warehouse workers is higher than the national average for all industries. Your warehouse does not have to be a high risk environment. By adopting good workplace practices, installing the right safety systems, and properly equipping your employees to perform their duties, you can mitigate common hazards at your facility. Common hazard areas are listed below along with a sample of available warehouse equipment and safety products designed to reduce risk in those areas.

Loading Docks: The dock area presents a number of hazards. The elevated dock presents a fall hazard and vehicle traffic creates collision hazards. Mitigate collision hazards by installing dock signaling lights. Adding mirrors and lighting can improve visibility and further reduce collision risks. Reduce the risk of fall hazards by installing properly designed dock levelers, trailer stabilizer jacks and dock opening barriers.01 IN COPY dock leveler

Material Transport: Aisles in warehouses are high traffic areas. Material handling equipment including forklift trucks and utility vehicles present hazards for both the operator and bystanders. Installing highly visible bollards, guard rails and wire partitions can increase driver awareness of hazards, keep vehicles away from unsafe areas and provide physical separation between warehouse workers and vehicle traffic.

Material Handling: Manual material handling tasks expose workers to two distinct hazards. Heavy lifting presents acute muscle trauma risks. Repetitive lifting and poor task ergonomics increases the risk of repetitive strain injuries. A number physical aids exist to ease the load and improve task ergonomics. Consider vertical lifts, barrel lifts, scissor lifts, pallet stackers and other specialized equipment to reduce the ergonomic strain associated with a number of common material handling tasks.

01 IN COPY Pflow vertical liftMaterial Storage: Poorly maintained or improperly sized racks can create a number of hazards ranging from dropped containers to rack collapse. It is important that all racks be properly sized, installed, secured for earthquake readiness and maintained to ensure they can handle the anticipated loads. Floor-mounted corner guards can be installed to protect racks against damage from vehicle collision.

Warehouse Ventilation: The accumulation of noxious fumes from vehicle traffic and process equipment creates a serious health risk. Hot working conditions increase the risk of heat stroke. Big HVLS fans, which create gentle air currents throughout a facility to improve ventilation, are a good way to improve air flow. The air flow generated by the fans also improves worker comfort and reduces heat stress during hot summer months.

These are just a sample the items McKinley Equipment offers to help you improve safety and comply with relevant OSHA safety legislation at your warehouse. The proper usage of this equipment creates a safer, more comfortable work environment for your employees, helping to avoid the high cost of OSHA violations. Contact McKinley today to learn more about warehouse safety equipment.