A ‘Bugged’ Warehouse Calls For Bug Screens!

Posted On: December 8, 2014 in Commercial Doors

When the warm weather arrives, warehouse workers want to keep the bay doors open.  Open doors create a more comfortable and productive environment inside the facility.  Fresh air, natural lighting and a connection to the world outside are very real benefits of having the doors open.

However, open doors present a number of problems.  Open doors provide easy entry for a variety of unwanted intruders. You need to keep rodents, birds, bugs and airborne debris out of your facility. This is especially critical for facilities that operate in regulated environments. FDA, USDA and HACCP all require controlling what enters your facility. Operating with open doors compromises your compliance.

In addition to preventing pest entry, you also want to control access to your facility and shrinkage of your stock.  Open doors can create security and inventory control issues.

So how can you keep your doors open while minimizing the related problems?

Bug screens are a best practice in facility management that helps you realize the benefits of open doors while providing pest and access control. Screens provide environmental benefits by allowing fresh-air circulation within the facility, reducing the need for cooling systems. They are an eco-friendly alternative to other bug control methods that rely on trapping pests after entry.

Bug screens are available as sectional metal-framed screen doors that mount behind your existing facility doors.  They are available in a wide range of styles and configurations.  Depending upon the size of your door openings, bug screens are available in; manual pushdown, chain hoisted, or motorized configurations.  A range of screen materials, mesh sizes and framing members allow you to tailor the doors to your security and screening requirements.

Bug and rodent problems typically peak in the summer season, making this the opportune time to install bug screens at your facility so you are ready when the warmer weather returns.

Our staff at McKinley has experience outfitting facilities with bug screen solutions. Feel free to contact us to learn more about screening for your facility.