Adding Storage to Your Warehouse: Does it Make Sense for You?

Posted On: December 2, 2014 in Warehouse Storage

Whether you lease or own your facility, the high cost of real estate means you need to get the most out of your space. Proper facility design and smart use of storage systems helps maximize space utilization and contributes to the efficiency of your operation.

For our purposes, storage systems refer to modular units, fabricated off-site, available for quick deployment inside an existing facility. These types of storage systems provide a simple, cost effective way to increase the functionality of your existing space while avoiding the costs and disruptions of moving or renovating.

McKinley Equipment offers a range of warehouse storage systems from a variety of leading manufacturers. Our storage system offerings include:


Mezzanines are elevated platforms, installed inside an existing structure, and are a popular choice when faced with space constraints at a facility. They increase the available square footage by creating additional levels inside your building. The raised platforms can install above existing assets, creating new space with minimal impact on the existing floor plan.

Mezzanine systems are custom designed based on your space, budget and needs. They range from low-cost structures for storage of lightweight goods to reinforced platforms capable of supporting process equipment and accommodating vehicle traffic.  The use of standard structural elements and fasteners allows low cost customization of these structures. Working with an experienced mezzanine builder is essential to ensuring the installation meets your needs while conforming to applicable building codes and standards.

Modular Offices

Modular offices, also know as in-plant buildings, are pre-fabricated structures that create enclosed spaces inside a facility.  They are a versatile solution designed to solve a range of common facility issues. If you need extra office space, single or double story structures are available with the features and finishes you expect in a modern office. Alternately, the structures can serve as a building within a building to provide isolation of noisy equipment, create a clean room environment, or provide localized environmental control over a portion of your facility.

Modular offices are constructed using pre-fabricated panels, making modular offices a cost effective alternative to conventional renovations. They can even be installed on top of a mezzanine, meaning you will lose zero existing floor space while adding the office space you need.

Racking and Shelving Solutions

Pallet racking and storage shelving are essential items when you are looking to enhance the organization of and control the stock inside your facility.

In addition to improving space utilization at your facility, well designed racking and shelving provide additional benefits including minimized product damage, improved worker safety, and enhanced material flow.

Much more than simple shelving, proper racking systems need careful consideration. Size and shape of the objects being stored, as well as available floor space, overall storage needs, and frequency of storage and retrieval are all important considerations in the selection of racking and shelving.

Which Storage Options Are Best For You?

At McKinley, we have helped hundreds of customers benefit from a wide range of warehouse storage solutions. We would be happy to put our expertise to work on your project. Feel free to contact us to learn more about what our solutions can do for you.