How to Choose the Right Commercial Doors

Posted On: March 19, 2014 in Commercial Doors

Many industrial and commercial spaces use simple and functional overhead doors. While these basic doors may do the job just fine, installing the right doors in the right places can increase the efficiency, productivity and comfort of any industrial, commercial, or retail space. There are a wide variety of doors available for general and specialty uses, including overhead doors, high-speed doors, fire doors, security grilles, storefront doors, and other more specialized doors.

Overhead Doors

These doors are useful for large door openings in many settings. Options include durable high-strength sectional doors and steel roll-up doors which can easily be made to specifications to fit any size of door. Insulated overhead doors maintain energy efficiency to protect refrigerated spaces or simply to reduce overall warehouse energy costs. Knockout doors provide rugged durability for loading docks and minimize repair costs due to impact. Finally, full view doors provide an attractive option for commercial and showroom spaces while offering the security and convenience of overhead door design.

High-Speed Doors

Some industrial and commercial spaces benefit from high-speed doors. High traffic zones can see marked increases in efficiency when high-speed doors are installed. Insulated, temperature-controlled areas and clean manufacturing areas in particular benefit from high-speed doors. Warehouses, food service facilities, big-box retailers, pharmaceutical, and biomedical companies all frequently use high-speed doors in their spaces. Rytec and Dynaco are two manufacturers of quality high-speed doors for multiple applications.

Fire Doors

These doors are required for safety in both commercial and industrial facilities, and choosing the right fire door maintains firewall integrity. Doors that automatically close if a fire alarm is triggered go the extra step to prevent fires from spreading, protecting both personnel and facilities.

Storefront Doors

Retail storefront doors are some of the most highly used doors anywhere. High-quality storefront doors are necessary to stand up to repeated use while still looking great and also are easy to repair and realign whenever necessary.

Specialty and Other Doors

Some spaces require specialty doors to maintain functionality. Cold-storage doors help to efficiently maintain temperatures for climate controlled warehouse or commercial areas. Strip doors allow easy traffic flow while reducing dust and debris and also help control energy costs. Impact doors are rated to withstand many years of heavy traffic. Security grilles provide security with complete visibility to storefronts and parking garages.

Choosing the Right Door

With so many options, it may not be simple to choose the best door for every space. McKinley Equipment specializes in commercial doors and can help customers to find the best possible door for every application. With a full range of door options from high-quality manufacturers, including Amarr, Wayne-Dalton, Dynaco, TKO, Cookson, and Porvene, McKinley can help you source the right doors as well as service them to keep your facilities investment working well for many years.

Contact McKinley Equipment today to talk about your needs, your options and how to choose the right commercial doors for your facility.