Mars Air Systems: High Quality Air Curtains

Posted On: December 22, 2014 in Commercial Doors

McKinley Equipment represents an exclusive group of equipment manufacturers. We are careful in the selection of our partners, pleased to offer you their products, and proud of the relationships we develop with them. This post is part of an ongoing series highlighting our suppliers.

Mars Air Systems is a US based manufacturer of air screens. They have over 50 years experience designing and manufacturing high quality air curtains for the retail, warehouse, industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. Mars Air Systems’ advanced air curtain technology has cemented their reputation as a market leader in this field.

Rising energy costs, increased environmental awareness and a focus on worker comfort have created increased demand for air curtain products and Mars Air Systems have continued to offer leading edge product solutions for industry.

Air curtains, also known as fly doors, fly fans or air doors, discharge a high velocity air stream down a door opening. The continuous stream of air creates a barrier between the inside and outside environment, preventing air passage through the opening. By separating the internal and external environments with a moving stream of air, air curtains reduce heating and cooling costs and provide significant energy savings. To gain a better understanding of the energy saving potential of an air curtain, Mars Air Systems developed a modelling tool that can be found on their website:

In addition to cost savings, air curtains provide a number of other benefits. The air stream is an effective method of preventing airborne debris and bugs from entering a facility without the need for a physical barrier or screen.

In the foodservice industry, air curtains are useful for reducing operating costs and maintaining temperatures in walk-in coolers. They also prevent energy losses through drive-through window kiosks, entry and loading doors.

Air curtains are a hygienic and safe alternative to strip doors in commercial cold storage facilities, allowing unimpeded visibility through the door while eliminating the dirt/bacterial build-up associated with conventional curtain doors. They provide an effective barrier for keeping conditioned air inside a facility while allowing easy passage of trucks and workers through doorways.

Mars understands that there are certain environments where aesthetics matter. To address this need they have developed a series of low profile and concealed units, available in a range of finishes, designed to suit any environment.

McKinley Equipment’s technical team is familiar with Mars Air Systems’ complete line of air curtains and would be happy to conduct a needs assessment to help you understand the benefits that air curtain systems can provide at your facilities.