When Should You Invest in High Speed Doors?

Posted On: December 30, 2013 in Commercial Doors

High speed doors, often called rapid roll doors, are available for industrial and commercial spaces when a fast-operating door is required. These types of doors are well suited to meet the needs of many warehouses and commercial spaces, but their higher cost may make them prohibitive for all uses. Here are some situations where high speed doors are the best choice and can add extra value.

Warehouse Climate Control

Often, rapid roll doors are installed in facilities that require careful climate control, such as food and beverage facilities. For any space where temperature control is critical, a high speed door helps to minimize heat transfer and also maintains the correct temperature of the climate-controlled area. Some warehouses may benefit from an “airlock” system, where two such doors are installed on either side of an entryway to the facility. This enables a great degree of control over air temperature and pressure inside the facility. High speed doors also help to minimize energy costs by reducing the heating or cooling needs of the climate-controlled area.

Clean Manufacturing

Industrial high speed doors are also beneficial in areas that require clean environments for production or manufacture of goods. This includes pharmaceutical companies and food preparation spaces where minimizing airborne particles or pathogens is of great importance. High speed doors allow less time for air to circulate between the clean manufacturing area and the rest of the facility, reducing the amount of dust or pathogens carried in by air currents.

Increased Productivity and Profitability

Rapid roll doors can help to increase productivity in any industrial or commercial area simply by reducing the time it takes to move between one place and another. Any industry that depends on quick movement of materials or careful timing between one manufacturing process and the next can benefit from high speed doors. The automobile industry uses many high speed doors for exactly this reason. Any company can also benefit from lower energy costs by installing high speed doors — even those not dependent on careful climate control of certain areas. The longer it takes for doors to open and close, the more heat transfer there is from one side to the other. Doors that close faster help reduce energy costs by keeping heat or cold inside (or outside) where it belongs.

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