Energy Guard Solutions From Kelley

Posted On: May 6, 2015 in Dock Levelers

In the quest to reduce operating costs, smart facility managers are always looking out for new products that reduce expenses while offering short payback periods. As part of their response to this need, Kelley Entrematic developed the Energy Guard line of dock leveler air barriers.

Uninsulated dock levelers are quite common. The dock leveler and leveler pit extend through the facility wall and provide a path for air infiltration. Clearances between the leveler ramp and the pit walls, as well as gaps at the hinged ramp mounts, present locations where air can pass. A quick inspection of the leveler will easily reveal these gaps.

When there are significant temperature differences between the inside and outside of a facility, these gaps cause energy losses. Consider a typical dock leveler measuring 4’ long and 8’ wide. A 1/2” gap along the perimeter is equivalent to a 10” X 10” hole in a wall. A 10” X 10” hole would get immediate attention, while the less obvious perimeter leak goes unnoticed as an “invisible” source of energy loss. Compound this leakage over multiple dock levelers in a facility and the losses quickly add up.

Kelley’s Solution02 Kelley-Energy-Guard-front-beauty

Kelley’s dock leveler Energy Guard is designed to provide a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to minimize air leakage. The Energy Guard solution consists of patented dual perimeter seals and a rear hinge seal to block air movement. Brush assemblies help seal the hinged portion of the leveler and help minimize infiltration of dust, insects and debris. The units are designed to maintain sealing performance throughout the range of dock positions, even when the dock leveler is raised up to 9” above pit level. As an option, the Kelley Energy Guard system is factory installed on new dock levelers, eliminating the need for field installation. Retro-fit kits are available for easy installation onto existing Kelley brand levelers. Energy Guard kits are compatible with many competitors’ leveler systems.

Kelley isn’t the first company to identify dock leveler energy loss as a costly problem, as others have also developed methods for sealing this gap. Existing solutions involve face sealing of the leveler on the exposed, outside portion of the leveler. However, this method restricts access to the leveler and complicates leveler maintenance. Additionally, the seal is located on the face of the loading dock where it can be torn or damaged by trailers or debris.

McKinley offers the full range of Kelley products, including dock levelers incorporating the patented Energy Guard seals. We also supply retro-fit kits for installation onto existing levelers. Contact us today for an evaluation of your existing dock equipment or to learn more about the innovative Energy Guard sealing system.