Save Money by Cutting Warehouse Energy Costs

Posted On: April 18, 2014 in Energy Savings

Lowering energy use is a great way to lower the costs of running a large warehouse or commercial facility. Maintaining a constant temperature in a busy warehouse environment, especially with multiple loading docks and other entrances, can be a big challenge. If the facility has cold storage areas, the challenge of keeping energy costs down is even greater. There are several ways you can fight rising energy costs in your facility. Here’s a rundown of ways to keep your warehouse comfortable without breaking the bank.

Industrial Fans

Moving air is a simple way to keep a warehouse comfortable, and the right fan can do it without using a lot of energy. High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are designed to move large columns of air, keeping air circulating throughout an entire facility. HVLS fans are also known as Big Fans – and for good reason because the largest can be up to 24 feet in diameter. An HLVS fan in your warehouse can help maintain more consistent temperatures in both hot and cold weather. Simply using one or more of these fans can reduce the perceived ambient temperature of a warehouse by as much as 10 degrees during summer months. These fans are much more energy efficient than a typical hi-speed barrel fan due to their minimal amp draw. Running these fans on solar power does even more to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Dock Seals

Doors are one of the worst offenders in wasted energy costs. Installing the right doors, dock seals, and dock leveler seals can help put a stop to energy (and money) flying out the door. Dock seals and shelters prevent air leakage around the edges of loading doors when cargo loading and unloading is in process. An Energy Guard dock sealing system prevents air leakage around the edges of dock levelers, minimizing energy loss. These systems can be installed on new or existing dock levelers and can make a considerable difference in the amount of heat that transfers through the gaps around dock levelers.

Other Equipment

The right doors can make a big difference in energy costs, especially in cold storage areas. Insulated doors and high speed doors minimize heat transfer, making climate control in such areas easier and more efficient. Airflow screens and insect barriers are a way to take advantage of fresh air and comfortable temperatures when the weather is nice outside, without letting bugs or other pests inside. Finally, the right lighting can complement other efforts to reduce energy costs. Modern warehouse lighting is both brighter and more energy efficient than older lights, which both lowers energy costs while also making the work environment safer. LED dock lights save energy over older dock lights, and reflective guide stripes use no energy at all.

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