The Benefits of Planned Maintenance for Your Warehouse

Posted On: April 24, 2014 in Maintenance

Warehouses are full of specialized equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely. From doors and dock levelers to material-handling equipment, each piece is necessary to keep the warehouse running at top efficiency. When equipment breaks, it can bring everything to a halt. Something as simple as a door can make for a warehouse manager’s nightmare if it gets stuck open or closed or just stops working reliably. To prevent unexpected and expensive delays or work stoppages, consider a planned maintenance agreement to protect your investments in equipment.

What Is a Planned Maintenance Agreement?

A planned maintenance agreement  Is a general agreement that enlists the service company to come to your facility and perform regularly scheduled maintenance on all equipment. Having such an agreement means you don’t need to track the maintenance schedules for all of your warehouse equipment, nor do you need to make time to schedule service appointments. Professional technicians come to your facility as scheduled and perform the necessary maintenance tasks with minimum fuss and hassle for you.

The Benefits to You

Planning for maintenance protects your valuable investments in equipment and facilities. All machinery needs occasional maintenance to continue working at top efficiency, and maintaining equipment properly also extends the life of most kinds of equipment. Scheduled maintenance by a professional service provider can also help to catch more serious problems before they happen. Someone who is trained to take care of equipment properly is more likely to see issues at an early stage and can bring it to your attention before the equipment breaks and causes a more expensive repair scenario.

Even with regular maintenance, unexpected breakages sometimes occur. In this case, having a planned maintenance agreement with a service provider who also provides emergency service can be a lifesaver. It gives you the security of knowing that when something goes wrong, you know immediately who to call. If the same service company handles your regular maintenance, you are already familiar with the quality of their work and can trust them to handle your emergency repairs with the same level of professionalism and service. Having an agreement in place with a quality maintenance and repair provider can mean the difference between getting your equipment up and running as quickly as possible and losing hours or even days of productivity while waiting for service technicians or parts.

To get the most out of your warehouse equipment, protect it with a service agreement. Partner with a professional company that will make sure your equipment stays in good repair, alert you to any potential issues, and swing into action whenever there is an emergency equipment failure in your facility.

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