Retail Store Maintenance: The McKinley Approach

Posted On: July 14, 2014 in Maintenance

McKinley Equipment is your trusted provider for doors, lifts, and all kinds of material handling equipment. Not only do we sell the equipment retail stores need to run efficiently, we are also one of the most trusted names in retail store maintenance. We make sure your facilities stay running without any maintenance run-around. Our goal is always to fix your equipment problems as fast as possible, and we have a first-time fix rate above 75%. How do we do it? Our approach makes the difference.

Technician and Training Approach

McKinley’s service technician team is made up of expert problem solvers who receive training in a broad range of common retail equipment. This means any problem at your retail store can be handled quickly. In areas covered by McKinley subcontractors, we require the same high levels of training and service of all subcontractors we partner with to make sure you get the highest level of service no matter your location.

Technology Approach

Our service technicians are all equipped with iPads running the Service Max mobile app, which provides on the spot information and tracking for all service calls. This tool enables our techs to quickly gather data about onsite equipment, access every parts manual needed, communicate with McKinley’s parts department from the field, and easily share all information with facility managers to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Smart use of technology makes service calls faster and more efficient, and helps to ensure that we can fix your equipment problems the first time more often than anyone in the industry.

We also use technology to track jobs and make sure nothing gets overlooked. From the time we receive a work order by email or through your facility management system, the job is electronically tracked live, making sure that your service needs are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Data Approach

A lot of time is lost on service calls when technicians don’t have the information they need at the start to make a repair and get your equipment working again immediately. To minimize this time loss, we track data on every asset we touch. By storing the make, model, serial number, and any other relevant information about the equipment at your facility, we can send the right technician with the right parts to fix your assets right away, avoiding delays and money wasting assessment calls.

Our approach to retail store maintenance keeps your assets running and gets them back in service fast every time you have a problem. No matter if you need to repair a door, forklift, loading dock, conveyor and more, you can trust McKinley to do the job fast and do it right.