Manufacturer Spotlight: Wayne Dalton Doors

Posted On: August 6, 2014 in Commercial Doors

When discussing fire doors and warehouse doors, functionality is the greatest concern.  Keeping merchandise safe is a huge consideration.  For some reason, many think function and beauty are mutually exclusive. Wayne Dalton doors prove those two qualities coexist very well, presenting an appealing exterior design to better blend in with the surrounding area and attract more customers.

A Tradition of Fine Craftsmanship

Now in existence for more than 60 years, Wayne Dalton’s innovative designs serve the needs of many warehousing businesses.  Wayne Dalton started in Holmes County, Ohio, and its largest manufacturing facility is just across the street from the company’s original location.

Wayne Dalton takes pride in following the traditions of the Holmes County area, a largely rural location full of Amish farms and home to many skilled artisans.  On a much larger scale, the Wayne Dalton manufacturing facility in Holmes County boasts state of the art technology housed in a building designed to integrate with the rolling countryside surrounding it, continually producing high quality products.

Form and Function

Wayne Dalton took the time to design a facility that not only met their manufacturing needs but that also blended with its environment.  They take the same approach to all of the products they manufacture, successfully combining beauty and function.

Beyond offering a plethora of residential garage doors superbly designed to fit into any style of house, Wayne Dalton manufactures some of the best commercial grade doors that just happen to be good looking.

Different Door Designs to Meet Various Needs

For businesses that work in interesting areas, such as classic car repairs or large-scale artistic installations, Aluminum Full View doors are a great option, one that also provides a simple and reliable way of moving things in and out.  These doors provide visibility from the outside and let in abundant natural light.  Beyond that, they are durable and weather resistant.

Businesses require insulated doors for various reasons, from keeping refrigerated warehouse space at the proper temperature to shielding the interior of the building from high or low exterior temperatures.  There are many doors with different R-values, in both normal and custom oversized doors.  An R-value describes how well insulation works.  Various doors come with insulation, or can be enhanced with it.  However, if temperature control is not a big issue, non-insulated steel doors offer great quality for the price.

For security and fire protection, specially designed rolling doors are a great option, perfect for added peace of mind.  Rolling doors often find use as commercial security grilles.  Wayne Dalton manufactures rolling doors in both standard and custom sizes, and in a variety of colors.

Finally, closing off counter service areas is possible with Wayne Dalton counter shutters, suitable for use indoors or outdoors.  Since counters often are where first contact with customers occurs, looks are quite important.  Wayne Dalton counter shutter doors come in different wood species and stains, in addition to metal doors.  This means an attractive service point is possible anywhere.

Keeping your Business Secure and Attractive

Finding quality warehouse doors presents some challenges.  However, realize there are great door manufacturers based in the U.S.A. who provide the highest quality products to fit the look of any business.